Estate Planning

After many years of diligent work and saving, you have accumulated a small fortune, which should bring you a sense of contentment and joy. However, planning for your future is a must. This is where Estate planning helps. Considering creating a WIll is essential to estate planning. But what exactly is a will? why do I need to have one? Let’s start with the basics:  

  1. Why You Need a Will:
    • A will is a legal document that outlines how you want your assets (money, belongings, and other possessions) to be distributed after your passing.
    • By preparing a will, you provide a clear guide for your loved ones and help avoid stress, costs, and potential court battles over asset distribution.
    • Without a will (dying intestate), there’s no guarantee that your assets will be distributed as you wish.  Or your loved ones might end up with very little or nothing.  Or worse, end up in debt! So planning your will is a must!
    • Additionally, a will allows you to:
  2. When to Update Your Will:
    • It’s essential to review your will every 3–5 years to ensure it reflects your current wishes.
    • Consider updating your will if:
      • You get married.
      • You get divorced or separated from your partner.
      • You enter into a de facto relationship.
      • Your children or grandchildren are born.
      • Your executor or beneficiary passes away.
      • There’s a change in your financial circumstances.
  3. Planning your Will in Queensland with MC Brazil Law:
    • Our solicitors offer services to assist you in creating your will.
    • We make the process easy and specific for your needs, using a specifically designed system to cater to your needs.
    • Professionally trained will-makers can answer most questions, and we have an experienced legal team to clarify complex details.
    • Our team is fluent in Filipino, Korean, and Spanish and has a global network of law professionals to help with the management of your will and estate.
  4. Enduring Power of Attorney:

Remember to consult our legal professionals or official resources for specific advice related to wills and estate planning.